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                                             Tyler Place Family Resort


Do you know where Tyler Place Family Resort is?




We were there last year.

It’s a good time!


All you need are your swimsuits. Everything else is taken care of. The food, drinks & evening entertainment.

Even daycare!


They have a taco bar in the lounge right on the lakeshore. If you want a full meal the restaurant serves the best prime rib around.

And breakfast? WOW!


They pull out the stops on breakfast.


I love their Scambler Platter. It’s got scrambled eggs’n bacon served up with golden brown fried potatoes.


The moment you walk in the door you can smell the coffee.


I love it!


If you want to sneak away for a nice dinner with the wife; use the daycare!

It’s awesome.


They have professional lifeguards on duty too. That makes it way easy to have a good time at the pool with the kiddos.


I know you like miniature golf. They’ve got two ranges.


One’s a bit simpler for the kids. They have one that’s a bit of a hair puller too if you're looking for a challenge.


If you want to play 18  there is a course 2 miles down the road.


That’s right!


Maybe you want to just take it easy and lay on the beach by the lake.


You want to do a little fishin’?


I’ve heard they’re catching some nice walleye’s right now.


With all there is to do you can’t go wrong. The week will fly by like it was a weekend!


They have a 30% discount running for the rest of the week, but it ends on Friday.


So what do you say?