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"John has a love for learning. He is very open to learning new things and loves doing so."

                                    Alexandra Cloud

    Whether You are . . .

  • Ready to publish online ads

  • Getting serious about your social media presence

  • Emailing your list about a new product

  • Publishing a news release

  • Looking for someone to write an eBook

  • Updating your SEO content

  • Or needing editorial work done

Need Copy


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Having a Freelance Copywriter on board can free your valuable time for other duties. Someone that

gets time restraints & the idea of looming deadlines.


Maybe you are in need of a full-on strategy for a new product. Regardless of what you are in need; I

am here to partner with you.


Figuring out how to address the new normal with your clients is on everyone's mind these days.


There are so many unanswered questions your clients have about how you are doing business.


When you are doing business. How has your business changed?

Would it be time to reconsider how you approach your clients?


There is much more activity online since the pandemic.


Online advertising is paying dividends with the onslaught of activity

on the world wide web.


You'll want to get out in front & let your clients know you are on the

cutting edge of this new normal.


Be ready to move forward into the oncoming future.

I can help you with that!

"John has an inner quiet and ability to listen, in a quiet contemplative spirit of sincerity."

                                                                                   Linda McCarthy

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